Sharing and Visibility Designer Certification

Farah Sherif Ghanem
3 min readOct 3, 2020

Several individuals from the Ohana have been asking me about the Application Architect certification and how to pass it. I’ve already made a guide for passing Platform developer 1 certification so today I’ll share with you some great resources that helped me pass the Sharing and Visibility Designer certification which is another required exam to gain the Application architect certificate.

1) Trailhead

You can start with the official trailmix for the exam preparation. It doesn’t have a lot of modules but there are many concepts that are covered in the links which you will need to understand.

2) Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer Course

Walid El Horr has made a great course covering all aspects of the certification. I had no difficulty whatsoever in understanding any of the topics related to the exam because Walid explained everything with DEMOS which really helped in gaining the knowledge I needed to pass this exam. And the best thing about it is that you can ask and he will get back to you with an answer, so I think this course is essential not only for the exam but also in understanding sharing and visibility in depth.

3) Ladies Be Architects

Great sessions by the Ladies be architects group. I’ve gathered them all here so make sure to check them out:

Sharing Architecture with Gemma Emmett

Sharing Scenarios with Susannah and Charly

Territory Management with Gemma Emmett

Programmatic Sharing with Vickie Jeffery & Charly Prinsloo

4) Decode Salesforce Certifications

The Decode SF Certifications youtube channel has another awesome series on passing the Sharing and Visibility certification. Here’s the link:

5) Practice Tests

I used the focusonforce practice tests, at this point I didn’t have to buy the study guide because I already had what I needed from all the courses above. My advice for you is to solve at least 3 practice tests before going for the certification.

Happy Learning!